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If you were satisfied with your life with type 2 diabetes, you wouldn’t be here, would you?

What is it about this disease that troubles you the most? The  lifelong merry-go-round of more and stronger medications? Their constantly-increasing cost? A future with the very real prospect of heart attack, stroke, blindness, neuropathy, or amputation? [Ref #2]

What about quality of life,  which can be very hard to maintain when living with type 2 diabetes?

E4 Diabetes Solutions knows—and independent, third-party, peer-reviewed studies agree — that a steady, prolonged, controlled change in lifestyle can, in fact, result in a life with fewer, and maybe even no medications. Stable blood sugar and A1c levels. A healthier life, with less pain and fatigue and more vitality.[Ref #3]

Welcome to E4 Diabetes Solutions. Yes, we said “solutions.”



First, innovation is at our core. It has to be. Because any “new” idea that winds up at the same old conclusions still means a lifetime of worsening diabetes and all the “fun” that comes with it.

E4 Diabetes Solutions’ strenuous devotion to innovation, science and research has resulted in successful alternative type 2 diabetes treatments. Treatments that combine advanced technology and personalized attention and care. Treatments built around diet and lifestyle. (see results tab)


We are different in four major ways:

First, E4 Diabetes Solutions is not about a magic pill, a miracle cure, or a fad diet with the latest so-called “superfoods.”

We are about innovation, science, research–and results that can be verified. (see results tab)

Second, E4 Diabetes Solutions is about personalized care

We offer a range of programs and options tailored to your personal situation and condition–no matter your age, weight, or physical condition. And we have the science and the testing protocol to determine what makes the most sense for you.

Options range from intensive 90-day programs that offer you faster results, to more flexible programs in which you can take more measured and regular steps toward the goal of improving your diabetes.

Third, E4 Diabetes Solutions is focused on supporting and enabling your long-term success in a sustainable lifestyle.

If you had to live on just carrots and water every day to solve your diabetes, could you sustain it for the rest of your life? Would you want to? If you could only eat a cup of white rice a day, is that a life you want to live? Or would you want to live on those chalky, “medical” protein bars and shakes?  

We didn’t think so.

(And we’re not kidding about that rice diet. A protocol developed decades ago actually claimed it was beneficial for people with diabetes.)

We believe we have a better choice for you.

Food is at the core of our social life as humans, and our E4 Diabetes Solutions team understands that. That’s why we have experienced chefs as contributors to our programs –so we can provide you with a complete set of food choices that are delicious, yet still meet our rigorous guidelines for success.

And Fourth, and perhaps most important, we have a top level team of experts who have had decades of success with lifestyle programs for diabetes.

Dr. Wes Youngberg, DrPh has clinical experience running successful diabetes programs for over 15 years. He is a highly sought-after lecturer and speaker on diabetes and insulin resistance.

Brenda Davis is an internationally-known dietitian who has written books considered the cornerstones of healthy eating and optimal wellness. She is a world renowned expert on nutrition and diabetes.

Meet Nancy Rodriguez. She has been a nurse for over 30 years, is a Certified Diabetes Educator, and has received recognition from the American Association of Diabetes Educators for her record of successful patient outcomes. Nancy specializes in helping those of you on insulin and wanting to reduce medications.

Marty Davey, our staff registered dietitian, holds a Master’s degree in Food and Dietetics and has been doing diabetes- and weight-management research for 12 years. She is also a chef and has contributed many recipes and videos to our 300-plus-page catalog.

These are just some of the people supporting you. Everyone on our team is driven by a commitment to make a difference in people’s lives. We are committed to your success.

Does this sound like a team you’d like to know more about?



If we were simply bragging, we’d say everyone can expect great results. In truth, we can’t promise you success in something for which there are obviously so many variables.

What we do promise, and what you can expect, is that we’ll get you as far as possible given your particular stage of diabetes, and your commitment. In other words, two sets of oars in the water, rowing in unison.

That said:

Our programs cover a 360° view of your lifestyle–programs that  complement, but don’t replace, the care of your medical doctor or health  provider.

We have developed a process for reducing diabetes and its complications. It’s called the A.L.I.V.E.™ 5-step approach: Assess, Learn, Implement, Verify and Evolve

Behind each step is a complete, optimized protocol for keeping you on the road toward turning back your diabetes.

It starts with advanced laboratory testing. E4 Diabetes Solutions stresses personal assessments and testing to determine your needs based on your condition. Our team learns about you specifically in order to give you personalized information and benefits. Everyone is unique and has different needs.

At E4 Diabetes Solutions you’re not a model for somebody else. You’re not just some number or percentage. You are you. You are the one we need to know, because you are the one we need to support in reaching success!

After we know you and understand how best to make adjustments toward your success, we provide education through videos, webinars, and conference calls–all specifically designed to help you implement the program you are enrolled in.

E4 Diabetes Solutions: We are diabetes lifestyle experts.



You are unique. You have a unique lifestyle. You have a unique set of genetic factors. You live in a unique environment. While we are all human and share a wide range of commonalities, we are all affected differently by diabetes.  

So there can’t be just one solution. We have a variety of options focused on your unique situation, so we can customize any of the one-on-one support offerings to suit your unique needs.

We have a wide range of testing and program options. Options that range from intensive 90-day programs that can offer faster results, to flexible programs with measured and simple steps toward improving your diabetes. And we offer long-term, continuing support.

Here are some examples:


As its name implies, this is the essential testing to determine the strength of your pancreas, the possibility of success with lifestyle approaches, and the possibility of reducing or stopping your medications.


This test goes deeper, giving you a complete assessment of your pancreas, heart, kidneys, and your current lifestyle factors and/or habits related to diabetes.


Stated in its simplest terms, this support program is for those who are highly motivated, want faster results and a more immersive level of constant personalized one-on-one support and attention.


This program offers our best practices and systems in a group setting, and includes individualized answers to your questions from the team. You are able to proceed at a measured pace and take simple steps toward reducing your diabetes.



We get results.

  • If you are willing to follow our tested best-practice protocols and programs, along with our individualized guidance, and your pancreas is producing enough insulin, we have yet to see someone we could not work with and deliver great results.
  • If the tests show that your diabetes has progressed too far and your pancreas is too weak, we will will then review with you all of the options for the best outcomes within your circumstances. NOTE: This is why the sooner you start on this type of program the better, because you have the chance to avoid the eventual pancreas fatigue and external insulin dependence that comes with progressive diabetes.

We offer personalized care.

  • We perform unique advanced testing and interpretation to help pinpoint the root cause of your diabetes.
  • We tailor our solutions to your personal situation based on a combination of testing, your preferences, and our deep experience.

We come to you.

  • We know you have a busy life and a full schedule, and the last thing you want is another regular meeting you have to drive to.
  • We come to you virtually with videos, webinars, phone and video meetings. And we can work around your schedule.

We collaborate with your doctor.

  • We don’t operate as an island, nor do we want to. We share information and work with your existing medical doctor or health provider as a team.
  • We use testing and follow-up information from your doctor’s office to enhance the plan for you, and customize it further if necessary.

We have advanced systems and technology to support you.

  • We leverage existing technology with technology that E4 has developed to get the most complete picture of what is happening in your body.
  • For example, we are able to remotely and automatically get data from a special glucometer and display it along with other lifestyle information for our joint review and tracking.

We have a multi-disciplinary team that can address a wide variety of challenges.

  • From laboratory analysis, to insulin education, to food preparation, to emotional challenges, we have the team and the expertise to support you.
  • Our team, with over a hundred years of combined experience, has “been around the block” for so long that one of us has seen just about every similar situation before, and can quickly help narrow down the best course of action for any unique challenges.

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