Besides more time, that is.

Would you like help with reducing your diabetic patients’ complications?

What about reducing their blood sugar levels?

Would you like more ways of dealing with your patients’ or clients’ resistance to medications, or their fear of going on insulin?

Would you like to offer them another choice when they don’t want to increase medications or go on insulin?

What about help reaching new value-based care goals and achieving higher reimbursements?

Lifestyle intervention is already the recommended first-line therapy and a continuing adjunct therapy recommended by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. A challenge has been in finding a way for patients to start, commit to, and remain involved in a lifestyle program that offers proven results and long-term support.

Would you like to explore how E4 Diabetes Solutions can help your patients and your practice achieve these goals?




E4 Diabetes Solutions partners with doctors and health practitioners to provide the kind of intensive lifestyle support that’s so very hard to fit into an office schedule.

For your patients, our program is very effective at lowering A1C levels, diabetes comorbidities, and risk factors.

And that success in metrics can provide your practice with help reaching Medicare and HHS value-based care goals and higher reimbursement.

We here at E4 Diabetes Solutions know you care about patients doing well and succeeding. We support motivated patients and guide them step-by-step on the journey toward optimal health. Our educational materials can also help motivate patients who are not yet at the action stage of change.

We closely collaborate with your organization and can provide the kind of comprehensive long-term lifestyle diabetic guidance, care, time, management, and compassionate attention that creates a valued adjunct to your practice.

Our team of registered dietitians, diabetes educators, lifestyle coaches, and functional medicine experts provide the right level of extra support — and complement your team where needed.

Our focus is people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and related complications. We have had great success with even the most challenging cases – as long as the patient is willing to make changes.



E4 Diabetes Solutions differentiates itself with an approach combining high technology and high-touch solutions.

We bring the general ideas of healthy eating and lifestyle change down to a personalized science.


Each patient is carefully reviewed for his or her nutrient needs; we observe typical eating patterns and then create individualized plans to maximize each patient’s pathway to success.

We bring together appropriate technology, an experienced team, and proven scientifically-based methods to deliver our programs in the convenience of the patient’s own home or workplace.

We provide advanced metric tracking, reporting, and feedback to your office, and offer a single point of contact across a practice or organization. We can operate as either the lead or supporting role in coordination of a patient’s chronic care.

Our team approach is about collaboration and partnership.

We look forward to helping you and your organization succeed at managing your diabetic patient population with less effort, higher consistency, and better results.

We are diabetes lifestyle experts. Our team of registered dietitians, diabetes educators, lifestyle coaches and functional-medicine experts has over a hundred years of combined experience and expertise.



We have developed a proven process for reducing type 2 diabetes and its complications. It’s called the A.L.I.V.E.(Assess, Learn, Implement, Verify and Evolve) 5-Step approach. Behind each step is a complete, optimized protocol for supporting patient success.

E4 Diabetes Solutions provides a range of personalized diabetic lifestyle intervention programs based on verifiable research and science.

Options range from intensive 90-day programs with virtual immersion,
to our Simple Steps program in which patients take smaller steps
towards improving their lifestyles.

Patients today are much more educated in their own healthcare and continually demanding clarity and answers as to what is going on inside their bodies.

To this end, we have developed advanced, proprietary mathematical models that, when combined with existing laboratory tests, produce key insights into an individual patient’s probability of success with lifestyle approaches.

By collaborating with E4 Diabetes Solutions, you are able to gain access to these models so we can jointly provide patients with clear choices that they can fully understand. We have evolved our patient-centered education around these assessment results to deliver great value and complement the analysis you currently provide.

We also offer ongoing lifestyle support and educational materials you can make available to your patients through our secure online site.  



E4 Diabetes Solutions can help your bottom line:


  • We add capability to your practice without adding a cost center.
  • You may be able to get paid more by existing payers because of improved value-based care metrics.
  • We help you increase patient retention for those seeking alternative approaches and who resist medications.

We approach diabetic lifestyle solutions from a proven, scientific, research-based background.

With E4 Diabetes Solutions on your team, and our programs as part of your toolkit, you are better able to achieve great outcomes across your diabetic patient population.

Our aim is to complement your offerings–not to replace them.

We don’t provide primary medical care or medical treatment of diabetes.

Do you have the type of practice that can benefit from a relationship with E4 Diabetes Solutions? Let’s talk and find out if there is a good fit.